My equipment is regularly maintained and tested. For PSC jobs I have a Sound bag set up, for Drama and most commercials I have a Sound cart set up. 

Kit List: 


Sound Devices 633
Sound Devices 688
Sound Devices CL-12

Schoeps Mini CMIT x2
Schoeps CMC6/41 x2
DPA 4061 x 4
Sanken Cos-11 x8
Shure SM57 x2
Rode Soundfeild Ambisonic Microphone

Audio Ltd A10 x 2
Lectrosonics SRb
Lectrosonics SMQv x 2
Micron Explorer x4
Wisycom MPR52
Sennheiser SK100 TX x2
Audio Ltd RF Distribution Amp
Lectrosonics ALP 600 Shark Fins x2

Sennheiser EK300 G3 IEM With Sony Headphones x12
Sennheiser SK300 G3 IEM Transmiter x3

Timecode Systems WAVE
Timecode Systems Ultra Sync One x2
Ambient Timecode Clapper Board
Cables for all cameras

Audio Playback:
Mac Book Pro loaded with Protools, Logic Pro X, Premier Pro...
MOTU 828 Mk3 Audio interface
QTX Battery Powered Power Speaker with 2x wireless handheld mics  

Soundcart Production Sound Cart
Magliner Junior Follow Cart
BlackMagic Smart View Duo
7" Lilliput HD Monitor
Loads of Sound Blankets, Carpets, consumables
Rechargeable Batteries