My equipment is regularly maintained, prepped and tested. For PSC jobs I have a Sound bag set up, for Drama and most commercials I have a Sound cart set up. 

Kit List: 

Sound Devices 633
Zoom F4 (Back Up)
Sound Devices CL-12

Sennheiser MKH-8060 x2
Sennheiser MKH-8050 x2
Sennheiser MKH-416 x 2
Schoeps Super CMIT 2 U
Schoeps CMC6/41
Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic
Sanken Cos-11 x8
DPA 4061 x 2
Countryman EMW
Neumann U87
Shure SM57 x2
sE electronics X1 x2

Lectrosonics SRb (Block 23) 
Lectrosonics SMDb x 2 (Block 23)
Micron Explorer x2
Audio ltd RF Distribution Amp
Lectrosonics ALP 600 Shark Fins x2
Sennheiser G3 with RX SMA modification x2
Sony UWP
Sennheiser EK300 G3 IEM x4 (in ear monitoring)
Sennheiser SK300 G3 IEM Transmiter x2
Trantec IEM x2

Timecode Systems WAVE
Timecode Systems Ultra Sync One x2
Tentacle Sync
Cables for all cameras 

Mac Book Pro loaded with Protools, Logic, Premier Pro...
MOTU 828 Mk3 Audio interface
Yamaha HS80M monitors x2  

Misc: (Green) Sound Cart
BlackMagic Smart View Duo
BlackMagic Video Assist Monitor
7" Lilliput Monitor
Various Sound Blankets & Carpets
Rock n Roller follow Cart